Why Giraffe

Getting Involved with Giraffe

Throughout the year, Giraffe hosts a variety of cultural, athletic and leisure events exclusively for members of the Giraffe family. Anywhere from going to a KTV, a group dinner, or a team building exercise,Giraffe always shows their appreciation to the family!

The Giraffe family also hosts trips outside of the city for team building events, and every year, Giraffe hosts the annual award conference, which includes dressing up in a theme proposed by Giraffe. This conference includes lots of games, food, wine, and gifts for everyone!

Among the foreign teaching department, there are small interest groups such as a Game of Thrones viewing group, a book club, a boxing MMA club, Anime nights, Saturday dinners and a gaming club (board games and PC games)。

Professional Development

At Giraffe, there are endless opportunities to develop throughout your career. From observations to workshops, Giraffe will train and support you to handle classes of your own.

A 5 week training program will start when you are settled. This includes an orientation and an academic training program to support you from the beginning.

Living in Wuhan

They say Wuhan is different every day. Living in Wuhan, you will come to realize how true that is. Things are constantly changing as the city grows into the Chicago of China. You will never get tired of the food here, as there is a multitude of food all around you.

Being located in the middle of China, you will find cultures coming at you from the North, East, South, and West of China at your doorstep. From sports to travelling, you can always find a group for an activity you want to engage in. Wuhan also has an excellent variety of exclusive restaurants for those who like to "Wine and Dine". Wuhan also has a booming night-life for those who like to party.From clubs to live music, Wuhan has it all!

Make sure to check out “Wuhan Social” to be up-to-date on what’s happening in Wuhan

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