About Us

Giraffe English was established in Taiwan in 1986, and as of 2019, Giraffe English boasts over 700 schools across Taiwan and China. In 2011, Giraffe opened its doors in Wuhan, China. Now, Giraffe has expanded to over 140 schools across Mainland China. Giraffe Wuhan has established itself as a powerhouse of English learning in Wuhan, with the drive to constantly develop new ways of innovative teaching. 

With the current expansion, Giraffe is in need of energetic individuals who would like to push their way out of their comfort zone, explore a new culture and attain a humble experience at a prominent English training school.

Giraffe’s mission extends beyond English-teaching. Given the age of students, from 3-12 years old, Giraffe creates a fun and energetic environment, where students can learn and work collaboratively. 

Send Resumes to:career@whgiraffe.com